We all know what it’s like to have a misprinted token, but just for a minute, imagine being the misprinted token. You’re not quite right, different from the rest, slightly off – and sometimes – just thrown out. You are the last ditch effort. The bottom of the barrel. The last possible one used out of nothing but pure desperation, and everyone sighs or cringes when you make your appearance.

” Oh great, we’re down to the defective one now.”

You know you’re not right, you don’t need everyone making a spectical of it. Being misprinted isn’t completely broken, it’s just different; a little bit off, but still just as worthy of play as all of the perfectly printed tokens.

Something got overlooked or missed when you were made. It may be something everyone can see, but you may also just be cut from a different stock than the rest, so you’re different on the inside.

You’re still a token. You still count, and you’re still integral to the game. You are still supposed to be here and your misprint – whatever it is – is there for a reason. Whether it be to teach everyone else to let the small stuff go, or to teach others to embrace the different & weird.

Everyone has a misprint somewhere – something not the same as everyone else. And everyone deals with theirs differently. Some embrace it, some try to hide it, some show it off for the world to see, and some hide away from the world; burying themselves in the dark corner of their box. But, it’s time to embrace your misprint! The misprints are the ones that are unique, and have different perspectives of the world & the ability to make it a better place.

We are the ones that have to see everything from a different view; a view others can’t see. It’s our job to show others that different is beautiful, and that Disabled doesn’t mean Unable. We adapt & overcome, and we teach along the way. We bring awareness to things unknown, we fight battles no one sees, and we show the world how to be a little more adaptive, and a little less judgmental. We also make the best friends in the world when we find ones with the same misprint!

If you get frustrated with the misprinted token, just imagine – for a minute – how frustrating it is to BE The Misprinted Token. 

My name is Karanaida (kair-uh-nay-duh)and I am The Misprinted Token. I was born with one of my misprints; I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility type (hEDS), which I did not know until a few years ago when I was diagnosed with that, and Hyperandrenergic Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (HyperPOTS). I spent many years incurring injuries that I’ve never healed from, and now, I have days where I can’t do much. I picked up board gaming as a pain management tool – since real pain management is too taboo these days. Board games distract me, and make my brain do some work – which it needs…it gets a little foggy in there sometimes.

This is my little corner of the internet, where I’ll give my opinions of the games I play, blog about my life and times, and post the occasional big news of the board game industry. I hope you’ll be along for my journey, whether you’re a misprinted token or a healthy meeple! Make sure to pay a visit to The Misprinted Token page on Facebook, and come on over to The Misprinted Token Hangout group, the lounge for anyone and everyone to talk board games! Everyone is always welcome at my table!

Peace, love, & board games!

~ Karanaida – The Misprinted Token.