Twin Stars – A Button Shy Gem!

Twin Stars – A Solo System
Adventure Series 1
Published by Button Shy Games

Game design by Jason Tagmire & Mike Mullins
Artwork by Luke Milton

Twin Stars wallet game with token & dice pouch.

Well, this took longer than I thought it would. I started in on Twin Stars thinking I could blast through it in one sitting…never judge a tiny game by its size! There is so much content in this little wallet game, that I still have a ton of replay-ability left in it. I started off with the first couple scenarios, using the suggested characters, and did absolutely horrible! But…it looks so simple! It’s not supposed to be this hard, right…? Wrong.

You see, I wasn’t paying attention to the part in the rules that says “Instants are abilities that occur as a single die is placed. Instants are optional.”. Of course they are! I’m over here dying off right and left, and didn’t even notice that. So, I did what everyone would’ve done, tried again, the right way.

Each scenario has three difficulty levels which are determined by how many energy tokens you choose to use. I went for easy, which meant more energy, and it was still challenging – in a very good way! I have yet to try any of these on anything but easy. The game comes with 6 different scenarios, and 12 different characters to choose from. Each scenario gives you two suggested characters to use but you can pick who ever you’d like. My personal favorites are Bood and Fanoobia. Bood has amazing hair, and Fanoobia is “A loud, shrieking Quassian tentacle creature. Beware.”…and, if we’re being honest here, it’s only a matter of time before my other half puts the same caption on my forehead. Fanoobia is my spirit animal.

With all of these combinations of scenarios and characters, this could hit the table many, many times without redundancy. It has a very small footprint so it can be played anywhere (I can play it on the console of my truck!), and the play time is pretty quick. It makes a great little time killer to keep in your pocket while you’re waiting for food, at the DMV, or waiting for that barista that forgot to even start your coffee order.

And if all those options aren’t enough for you, there’s Syzygy Mode…

Syzygy Mode is a series of scenarios you set up that carry over into each other, and you have three special characters along for the ride.

There is seriously so much to this little game that I could go on for days, but I haven’t even explored all the options yet! Needless to say, this one stays with me now, along with Sprawlopolis, in my purse at all times. I can play this sitting on the couch, or in bed if I’m not feeling well. This would also be a great hospital game! The components are great, and I love that it comes with a really nice zipper pouch for the tokens and dice because they’re definitely not going to fit well in a wallet.

Don’t forget to check out Button Shy‘s other amazing games, and take a look into their Game of the Month Club…it’s well worth the money!

Until next time, my tokens and meeples! Peace, love, & board games!

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The Missing Token…?

I have been a bad, bad token. I have been rather absent from my little corner of the internet and I feel terrible about it so, allow me to explain.

In the wee hours of the night (after midnight, August 23rd), I was still all excited that I had finally received my birthday present to myself – very early, may I add – Sagrada! You see, I’m a sucker for pretty games and Sagrada jumped off the screen at me the very first time I saw it. As most people know, it was out of stock everywhere for the longest time, and the only way you could get it was to pay scalper prices.
I can’t pay scalper prices.
So while I was getting all of my supplements sorted for the coming days, I was watching Rahdo Runs Through, and getting quite the giggle as I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rahdo get quite the AP that he was getting playing Sagrada. And then, in that late hour, the phone rang.

The next few hours of that (now) morning were devastating. I lost my stepdad, my son lost his “Papeete”, and my mother lost her absolute best friend. They haven’t been together in years but he was very much a part of our family still. we never missed a beat with him, and he was here for almost every birthday and holiday.

The following days proved to be much harder than any of us expected they would. Sagrada got put to the side and I still haven’t had a chance to touch it, we were running out of state constantly to deal with his affairs, barely even having time to cook a decent meal, let alone be productive online, play a game, or write.

Things are still very tough here, but, so are we! We miss our Papeete, and love him dearly, and are still making his arrangements, and sorting out his things but the initial shock is wearing down, and we’re picking back up our live where we dropped them like a hot pan on the kitchen floor that night.

I got a wonderful thing just a couple days after his passing…I got my first review copies of two Button Shy games! Jason Tagmire decided to take a chance on a brand new reviewer that barely has a functional website (hey, this website stuff ain’t as easy as it looks, but I’m trying here!) and I have been having the best time learning them! My reviews for those should be coming shortly, and closer together than usual because I just can’t hold it in! lol

So thank you to everyone, especially in this wonderful board game community, that has been there for me these last few weeks; it has meant more than anyone could know! And stick around for the good stuff, I promise, it’s coming!

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Take care, all my tokens and meeples! Peace, love, and board games!