Sprawlopolis Review


Published by Button Shy Games

Designers: Steven Aramini, Danny Devine, & Paul Kluka

1-4 Players, ages 8+, 15-20 minute playtime

It’s not news that I’m new in the reviewer game. It’s also not often that publishers are willing to take a chance on a brand spanking new reviewer with a kind of naked website, but that’s exactly what Jason Tagmire of Button Shy Games did when I told him how much I’d love to review this game and Twin Stars. I’ve talked to Jason here and there in various Facebook groups, and he’s an awesome person, and I can’t thank him enough for taking a chance on this little reviewer who’s still in her infancy!

It’s been a hectic time for the Token. Every time I have sat down with a game in my hand, a crisis happens. I was really starting to think board games were becoming a jinx! Hell, even when I took the shots of this game, there was a car wreck in front of my grandmothers house…it was starting to get creepy! But, I had such fun taking photos of this game, that I was absolutely dying to try it, and that’s exactly what I did!

I took it with me to get my truck inspected and read through the rules…and then wasn’t too happy when…

1: There was no table.

2: It only took them 10 minutes to give my truck a clean bill of health. (Awesome!, but, *insert facepalm*)

But, I was determined, and here it goes.

The first couple times I played, I did not add in Wrecktar, Points of Interest, or Construction Zones, so I’ll get to those in a few minutes. But it was a rainy day, and on rainy days, games and music are my solace. Rain = joint pain, games = distraction, distraction = pain management. So off I went to build a brand new city! With Crystal Method pumping through my EarPods, I started building my Sprawlopolis! There were beautiful parks, nice neighborhoods, shopping districts, and factories where all of my favorite things are made. (Is it wrong that I wanted it to be Apple and Dodge? lol) At first, I let myself be very constrained by the Scoring Conditions, and it really limited what I thought I could do. But when I played again, I just went all over the place, and built an amazing city…and I lost my butt in points. I didn’t even care, I had an absolute blast!

With the base game down, I went for the expansions!


Pictured here: Wrecktar – A One Card Disaster (top center) Points of Interest – A One Card Assistant (top right) Construction Zones – A Four Card Irritation

Points of Interest has the potential to really help you get some easy points racked up as you set it on the table before setting the starting card, which you use to cover half of the Points of Interest card. You score 1 point for each matching block adjacent to the Points of Interest.

Construction Zones work a little differently. You choose a random Construction Zone card to add to the three Scoring Condition cards already laid out, and shuffle the remainders into the deck, blocks face up…and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Now, Wrecktar.

Wrecktar is known as the One Card Disaster, but I am a champion of the underdog, so, I like to think he’s just misunderstood.
Wrecktar gets shuffled in right before taking the first turn. When Wrecktar first shows up, the active player must place him directly on top of the last card laid, covering it entirely. You cannot cover Wrecktar, only his surrounding blocks.

Wrecktar can help you or hurt you. If there are Commercial blocks in his row or column, you lose 2 points for each one. If there are none, you gain points.

Now, the important stuff…did I love it?

This is the absolute most fun I have ever had with 18 cards! I have always loved the concept behind Button Shy Games…wallet games; they’re portable, very affordable – which is important because that makes them accessible to everyone – and, if you can’t find one to suit your taste, you’re not looking hard enough! This became a fast favorite for me. It took one play for me to want to put this in my pocket and play it every single day, which I can completely see myself doing.

This game goes great with any music that has a nice city vibe to it, and a hot cup of coffee, It’s tough enough to make you think, but, you really just enjoy the hell out of it! This game put me in a really great mood, which is a feat in itself!

Button Shy, you keep pumping them out, and I’ll keep playing them! And everyone should head to ButtonShyGames.com to see what they have going on, and check out their Board Game of The Month Club, it’s an awesome deal! So, go on now…get on it!