Trash Pandas

Trash Pandas was designed by Michael & Lisa Eskue, and was chosen as one of the top five finalists in a Hasbro game design contest. The designers wanted to see it come to life, so they did what all great designers do: they crowdfunded! After a successful Indigogo campaign, they also tried to launch on Kickstarter to expand their base, but (very sadly), Kickstarter shut them down, claiming the product was already made. I was a proud backer of that campaign and was sad to see it go, but I vowed to get my copy one way or another…and that, I did!

With fun, vibrant art by Kwanchai Moriya, you’ll instantly have fun just looking at the cards and reading the titles like “Doggo”, “Mmm Pie!”, “Feesh”, and “Nanners”.

I finally got a chance to get Trash Pandas to the table with the Padawan. It’s a fun, light, filler game that’s pretty easy to learn, but it’s a lot trickier than it looks! It’s definitely great for all ages. When I asked my Padawan for his honest opinion on the game, his quote for this post is: “It’s super awesome…I love this game!”, so there ya go.

On your turn, you roll the die, and take the corresponding token. You can continue to roll, taking the matching token each time, but if you push your luck and roll the same icon twice, you bust! When you choose to stop rolling, you resolve your tokens by drawing, stealing, or stashing cards, then your turn ends. Stashed cards are where you collect your points, so you have to make sure you’re keeping up with putting those away. But make sure you don’t stash everything! You may need that “Mmm Pie!” to resolve a token twice, and hold on tight to “Kitteh”, who acts as an alarm system on your cards….thieves beware!

The game ends when the deck runs out, and everyone counts up how many cards of each type they have stashed. Obviously, the Trash Panda with the most points wins. Today, I was the Queen Trash Panda, and I’m pretty happy with that! After all, Trash Pandas make dark circles under your eyes look adorable, right?

Just in case you’re looking for this game, pictured is the first edition, published by Red Rook Games. This one may be difficult to find. Most likely you will get the new edition, published by Gamewright. As far as I know, it’s all the same except for the box cover. Get yourself a copy, it’s a great filler game, kids will love it as well as adults! It’s definitely one of the ones I grab when I think I’m going to be stuck somewhere with some downtime.